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Re: writing man page

John wrote:

> Eric writes:
> > Is there any tool available to write man pages (with all the standard
> > sections) and keep a nicely readable source?

> Just use an existing man page as a template.  The page for man itself is
> a good choice.

> > I am now writing the thing directly in nroff, but the source is looking
> > pretty awful.

> I find the subset of nroff that man pages use to be pretty simple.  Send
> men your source and I'll take a look at it if you want.

I agree it is pretty simple.  It just looks very chaotic.  It is hard to
maintain a source if it looks like

The programs
.B foo
.B bar
have several nasty things in common.

I will look into yodl, as suggested by Pann McCuaig.


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