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Re: TIOCSER?WILD Boot Error!

IIRC that is fixed by installing the latest setserial.  

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On Thu, 10 Dec 1998, Daniel Elenius wrote:

> Ossama Othman writes:
> >Hi,
> >
> >> Ever since I switched to the dev kernel, I've had the following
> >> message on boot:
> >> 
> >> TIOCSER?WILD ioctl obsolete, ignored
> >> 
> >> I doesn't sound dangerous or anything, but a boot error just doesn't
> >> look good. So does anyone know how I could fix this? Is it a bug, just 
> >> like the SIOCADDR thingy?
> >
> >It was my understanding that the SIOCADDR boot error was not a bug in the
> >kernel since the dev kernel now sets up routing automatically and an
> >explicit call to "route" is no longer needed. Perhaps your TIOCSER*
> >problem is related.  Check out the Documentation directory in your kernel
> >source directory.  It may contain files that explain the error/warning.
> I've noticed now that the message has something to do with the serial
> ports. I find nothing in the kernel docs. What file(s) in init.d (or
> elsewhere) do stuff with the serial ports? I do not use the serial
> ports, as I don't have a modem connection nor a serial mouse.
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