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Re: emacs & xemacs

On Wed, 9 Dec 1998, Shao Zhang wrote:

> Hi all,


> 	By the way, can I use emacs to display the image(i.e. like
> netscape, not lynx)??
> 	Thanks...
> Shao

Ever since I started with Linux I've wanted a console-based graphical web
browser, but kept running into a brick wall. Then I read that emacs could
handle graphics and got all excited and learned how to fire up w3-el, only
to be told later by someone that only when running in X can emacs handle
the graphics. Bummer.

However, last night while running lynx I clicked on a .gif link and
low-and-behold, the image appeared! So apparently lynx can handle some
types of graphics. All this time when I was asking for a graphical
console-based web browser because lynx can't handle graphics, lynx CAN
handle (at least some) graphics.

Maybe there's some way of configuring lynx so it knows how to handle other
types of graphics as well. I assume that what you really want is a
graphical console-based web browser, and don't really care if it's emacs
or something else. In which case, this reply doesn't give any real
answers, but maybe it does give some hope that you may be able to
accomplish your goal.

Kent West
KC5ENO - Amateur Radio: When all else fails.
Linux - Finally! A real OS for the Intel PC!
"Life is an ongoing classroom." - Capt. James T. Kirk, "Dreadnought"

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