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Re: Linking Machines

	I though that beowulf project, clustering PCs, and most of the effort
was about such a process management. http://cesdis1.gsfc.nasa.gov/beowulf/

On Tue, Dec 08, 1998 at 10:40:38PM -0500, Mitch Blevins wrote:
> Sean P. Mason wrote:
> > Are there any well known programs out there that will let me run processes
> > distributed, or will I have to do a whole load of digging?  =)
> If you want to run programs on separate machines and display them on
> just one, then telnet and X work just fine.
> But if you want the same program to run on several machines at once, you
> won't find any for everyday activites (mail, news, web, editing, etc).
> If you want to write your own, there is a neat framework called DIPC
> that allows inter-process communication across machines, using the
> familiar IPC mechanism.  You can find this and others at
> http://sal.kachinatech.com
> -Mitch
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