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Re: ack! I've hosed init

In article <cistron.Pine.LNX.3.96.981208225537.818A-100000@etok.etik.net>,
Richard L. Alhama <keyoz@iln.csi.com.ph> wrote:
>seems like I'm in big trouble here.  I've experimented update-rc.d and now
>init doesn't know it's runlevel.   Well, I can boot but when I issue
>"reboot" it coughs up something like:
>couldn't determine runlevel... doing soft reboot instead. 
>then it reboots.

This means your /var/run/utmp file is severely messed up, because
that is where the runlevel is stored.

Besides, it is good practice to use "shutdown -r now" instead
of reboot. Or just press ctrlaltdel, because then init just calls
the command "shutdown -r now" for you.

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