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Re: surprise! was( USR; dialing wrong number)

Eugene Sevinian <sevinian@crdlx2.yerphi.am> writes:

> It seems that this modem is very special thing. Might be it was made at
> April 1. The matter is that during dialing from minicom it performs kind
> of maping. So 1->9, 2->8, 3->7...9->1, 0->0. The same is under Norton
> Terminal Emulation. :)))

Are you using Pulse dialing?

The American standard for Pulse dial phones is different than the New
Zealand standard, at least.  (I just tried and the digits map like
your example above, i.e. ATDP1494050 dials my ISP at 9616050.)  I
thought tone dial was the same everywhere, but this may be too

Anyway, the simple solution would be to rewrite the phone number
you're calling according to these rules.  Maybe your Win95 setup does
this automatically - try dialing out manually from HyperTerminal.  If
this works, display the settings with ATI4 and see if they're the same 
under Linux.

	 Carey Evans  http://home.clear.net.nz/pages/c.evans/

"Is there anyone who actually believes that USAicans are so modest or
intellectually honest as to be unable to find someone to sue?" - Cameron Laird

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