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Re: Linux newbie needs help

Þann 04. desember 1998 reit Jiri Baum svohljóðandi:
> Hello,
> Jeff wrote:
> > Thanks but when I dpkg the .deb file, it says qt1g depends on xlib6g. 
> > Where could I get that? Thanks.
> Same place as the first .deb file, in the directory main/x11.
> Actually, if you don't have xlib6g, that most likely means you are missing
> most or all of X11, too.
Seems like Jeff is having the same problem as im having. I have xlib6g on 
my Debian but i cant install qt1g couse my xlib6g is of an older version 
(i installed the version x.3.xx something but qt1g needs x.5.xx something 
i think) so be aware what version of xlib6g your downloading.

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