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Re: Linux newbie needs help


Jeff wrote:
> Thanks but when I dpkg the .deb file, it says qt1g depends on xlib6g. 
> Where could I get that? Thanks.

Same place as the first .deb file, in the directory main/x11.

Actually, if you don't have xlib6g, that most likely means you are missing
most or all of X11, too.

If you are connecting to the Internet directly from your Debian box, it's
probably easiest to point dselect at the ftp site (read the guide carefully),
select what you want and then let it automatically download everything it
thinks it needs.

However, if you only have an ordinary modem, this will take quite a while - it
may be better to buy, beg or borrow a CD.

Otherwise, if you want to keep on with dpkg, someone else already pointed you
to www.debian.org - on the pages listing the packages, each page has links for
related packages. Here's what the words mean: "Depends" - you need to have
this other package "Recommends" - you probably need to have this other package
"Suggests" - you might want to have this other package

Note that dpkg won't let you install any packages that have a "Depends" until
you get the other package, too.


Jiri <jiri@baum.com.au>

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