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Re: [Re: Netgear NIC card support]

TO all:
Thanks again to all who have responded to this request of mine.
While following all your tips and suggestions, I also decided to drop
by the BayNetworks website (http://NETGEAR.baynetworks.com) and
selected the FA310TX Drivers section.

For ver4.0 and higher, BayNetworks is providing a Linux Driver for
web download along with FAQ's.

Ian is right, this FA310TX shows a NETGEAR logo and not a DEC logo
on the chip. Also interesting is BayNetworks recommends using their
Linux Driver instead of Tulip.

Thanks again to all,

ferret@ricochet.net wrote:

This is a Tulip-compatible card. The origional card was actually a DECchip
Tulip, but the one with the Netgear logo is a Tulip clone. I don't know if
it's as good as the DECchip one, but I have gotten it to talk to a
network, using both kernel 2.0.34 and 2.1.125

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to try it out on a multi-card
configuration. I do know the DECchip works flawlessly with two (That's
what my gateway is running) and do know of another no-name card that my
ISP wanted me to use, that wouldn't work with another network card
installed. It just couldn't detect the interrupt.

Don't return the card unless you can't get it to work with either kernel's
Tulip driver. I have eight of these cards in my home network, including
one of the new ones, and I haven't yet had a problem. The drivers even
detected when I swapped my 10M hub for a 10/100 and worked at TX without
rebooting. I wish I could say the same for the one 3com card I'm using.

Hope this helps. I just happen to like Bay Networks.


 On 1 Dec 1998, rathon wrote:

> Hi,
> I bought a Netgear Fast Ethernet PCI Adapter card - FX310tx by Bay Networks.
> Then I looked thru the EthernetHOW-TO and this card is not listed anywhere.
> I am using Debian2.0. Does this mean no driver, no support ???
> Can anyone confirm for me pls ? 
> I need to know if I should return this and get something else. The price
> was good though.
> Regards,
> Rathon
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