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Re: Linux cannot use swap bigger then 460Mb ?

On Thu, 3 Dec 1998, Jan Krupa wrote:

> I have Pentium II, 512 Mb RAM, Linux debian 2.0,
> kernel 2.0.36
> I need quite big swap, so I created 7 swap partitions
> hda3,hda5,...,hda10, as seen below:
> When the system is loading it prints that the 7 (seven)
> sawp partitions are activating, and that's mean that I have
> 860Mb of swap.
> Unfortunately when the mathematica3.0 is running,
> after using ("consuming") all RAM memory it can only 
> use up to 460Mb of swap and then it prints message:
> 'out of memory' and exits the calculations

 Hmmm. You might want to ask on the linux-kernel@vger.rutgers.edu mailing
list. That's where the real kernel gurus hang out. I just saw today that
the 2.0.x kernels have problems with more than 960MB of RAM. The 2.1.X
kernels do better. The figure 512+460=972 is so close to that 960 number
that I wonder if they're related?

 I also know that Linux can't use more than 128MB of swap per partition,
but that doesn't seem to be your problem. I suppose you could see if maybe
there's a bad spot in one of the swap partitions - run mkswap again or

 Beyond that, I can't really offer any suggestions. If it's any
consolation, I'm green with envy - I have a 486-100 with 64MB of RAM and
32MB of swap. :->


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