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Re: Optical Jukebox support in Linux

At 12/2/98 10:08 PM +0100, Rainer Clasen wrote:
>Jay Barbee (jybarb01@torch.adm.louisville.edu):
>> I was wondering if Linux (kernel and tools) had the ability to control an
>> optical jukebox.  The box in question is an HP OEM that has 144 slots to
>> Anybody have any experience with this or could point me in a direction to
>> get some help?
>there is a driver fir SCSI-Changers at 

I have not had much luck as of late finding a dirver in Linux for
jukeboxes... I would imagine they are not that popular with the price tag
they carry.  A could of sites I have was:


Which does deal with UNIX drivers for jukeboxes, but I got an email
response from them stating that they currently do not have a plan to create
a linux driver.  They do have Unixware and Solaris drivers for the x86

This jukebox would be handy in Linux, but it seems that the easiest way for
me to run it in a updated environment is NT.


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