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Re: upgrading to slink

On Thu, Dec 03, 1998 at 06:10:44 -0500, David Randall wrote:
> Here are the broken packages:
> size  broken                      Next "unbroken" release
> 93182 libstdc++2.8_2.90.29-1.deb  ???

libstdc++2.8_2.90.29-2, which should be on most mirrors by now has been
recompiled with the fixed libc6.

> 95086 libstdc++2.9_2.91.58-5.deb  libstdc++2.9_2.91.59-1.deb

-1 never made it out of Incoming; libstdc++2.9_2.91.59-2 is starting to
appear on the mirrors now.

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