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RE: beginner: mouse jitters

> > I am trying to get the mouse running on an NEC powermate 486 sx-25 i.
> > When installing the mouse driver from floppy,  a message says,
> >     No module parameters.
> >     Depends on misc.o        
> > and the driver installation usually fails.
> > When the driver does install and I run vgacardgames there is no pointer.
> > When I quit the game there is a message saying that the mouse must be
> > configured in     /etc/vga/libvga.config,   where I add the line,   mouse
> PS2.
> 	One of the few things I really do not like in Linux is the mouse
> interface.  I hope this will be fixed soon, but for now there are at
> least two different mouse drivers.  One is the driver used by the X
> interface, configured with xf86config or XF86Setup; the other is used
> by console programs, called gpm and configured with gpmconf -- or
> something like that.
> 	Which of them you tried?
> Leandro Guimaraens Faria Corcete Dutra
> Amdocs Brasil Ltda

Thankyou for your reply.
I tried  gpm  and the mouse now works very well.

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