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Re: Is this really the right thing to do?

> >Programs that are useful by itself could install with a counter that's
> >already 1 higher. For example: if all the packages that depend on Xterm are
> >removed, the counter of Xterm is still not zero. So it would not be
> deleted.
> >Thinking a bit longer: in this way almost no programs reach zero.
> Then, they'd have to start with a counter of 1 only when they were selected
> by the user, and a counter of 0 when dselect selected to enforce a
> dependency.

This might still lead to awkward situations.  Some packages are
installed by default, others through dependency requirements.  All the
same someone might start using a program once it is installed, and be
surprised to find it got clobbered automatically.  I think the thing to
do is present the user with a list of packages that are to be
auto-deleted, so that (s)he can decide which ones can go and which ones


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