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Re: SB AWE32 PnP, no midi

On Wed, Dec 02, 1998 at 11:00:32AM -0700, Gary L. Hennigan wrote:
> Matt Garman <garman@crh3019.urh.uiuc.edu> writes:
> | Yes, but does this use my wavetable?  I tried this, using the sound
> | banks installed on my Windows partition from the Creative Labs disk,
> | and playing midi files sounds AWEFUL.  It sounds cheap, like playing
> | midi through a non-wavetable card.  The instruments sound perfect
> | under Windows.
> | 
> | Also, my xconsole still reports:
> | Sequencer: No Midi devices. Input not possible
> | 
> | but, remember, I do have midi devices!

Are you using playmidi? If yes please use drvmidi
(in the awe-midi package).
playmidi (at least the one shipped with Debian)
doesn't use the wavetable.


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