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Re: SB AWE32 PnP, no midi

garman@crh3019.urh.uiuc.edu (Matt Garman) writes:

| I have a Sound Blaster AWE 32 Plug'n'Play soundcard.  I cannot get it
| to play midi!
| I am using the SB awe 32 drivers (that you patch into the kernel).
| I've got my /etc/isapnp.conf file (for isapnptools) working
| well-enough that my card works for "normal" sound duties
| (i.e. anything non-midi).
| I do have the /dev/midi files created.  
| The following is the contents of /dev/sndstat
| Card config: 
| Sound Blaster at 0x220 irq 7 drq 1,5
| (SB MPU-401 irq 1 drq 0)  ************
| OPL-2/OPL-3 FM at 0x388 drq 0
| The line I highlighted with the "********" is of interest, I think.  I 
| read on a dejanews article that being in parenthesis means the "SB
| MPU..." actually wasn't found.  

I think you're wrong there. Mine looks exactly the same and I don't
have any problem playing MIDI.

| The article also suggested that I use
| the same irq for my wavetable that I do for my soundcard.  But how do
| I specify this?

Don't know but I don't think you need to change it. Read on...

| My /etc/isapnp.conf file is as follows:

Looks fine to me. Very similiar to my own, with the major exception
being I'm using IRQ 5.

| Any help?

I suspect you just haven't loaded the synth up. Do the following and
then try MIDI (via drvmidi) again:

/usr/bin/sfxload /usr/local/lib/audio/synthgm.sbk

I have the line above in a script that gets run at boot time, i.e., I
have a script /etc/init.d/sound that performs the operation above and
then I link to it from the appropriate /etc/rc#.d directories (where,
in my case, # is 2 and 3).


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