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Re: If kernel 2.2 gets out before christmas, will slink be released with it?

On Wed, 2 Dec 1998, F. Fernandez wrote:

> If slink comes out with kernel 2.0, will the binutils and other be able 
> to work with kernel 2.2 when it's released?
> Thanks in advance,

I am currently running 2.1.130 with the Tweedie page-cache patch on Slink
without problems at all. I simply grabbed the tarball, dropped it into
/usr/local/src, did a make menuconfig and then used make-kpkg to build a
new binary package. Installed it and it ran. The only thing I needed to do
was change some ipfwadm stuff to ipchains and put in a cron job to run
rmmod every so often. BTW, pre-2.1.131-3 is looking pretty good with some
NFS fixes and other goodies. I would think it would be worth upgrading the
2.1.125 that is on the mirrors with 2.1.131 as soon as it is released.
.130 with the Tweedie patch (that Linus has adopted for .131) is the best
feeling kernel I have run in a LONG time.

George Bonser

The Linux "We're never going out of business" sale at an FTP site near you!

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