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[maxwell@more.net: Re: Network Configuration]

>Have you added lines to your /etc/resolv.conf?
>	ex.
>	nameserver	xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
>where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the IP of your DNS server.

   Yes, all the configuration files are right. I think that
the problem is with the DNS or some configuration in it, but
I don't know what kind of problem can be. Any sugestions ? 

>    By the way, we have a machine in our subnet that recently
>was installed linux in. We have had some problems with the
>network configuration in order that the linux box doesn't
>recognize its DNS. It's possible to execute telnet from it only
>to IP addresses, and a ping to the DNS's IP doesn't work. 
>   Can this be a trouble with the linux configuration ? We are
>sure that all the configuration needed to get it working is made. 
>Or can it be a problem with the DNS ? Any sugestions will be 
>   Thanks in advance. 

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