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Re: Recommendations for Email client?

"Jens B. Jorgensen" wrote:
> I can't believe no one else has recommended netscape. netscape 4 does support IMAP and
> in fact I think it's a pretty sweet mail client. (No, I'm not a unix newbie. I've been
> writing unix software for over five years and used various character-mode mail
> clients.) These days I have to write NT software but with netscape I can just copy all
> my folders and address book from machine to laptop and in fact use *the same files* on
> my laptop whether I'm booted in Windoze or Linux. Now that is cool in my opinion.
> True, netscape is not as configurable as mutt, but sometimes I like to send mail with
> actual formatting like bold, italic, etc. Anyway, there you have it. Now all Linux
> netscape needs is drag-and-drop...

And a way to stop crashing every so often.  AT least it cleans up after


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