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Re: Help needed with compressed files


> I wish to load some package files onto a laptop that has no CD-ROM drive and
> is not networked. Some of the .deb files are 2+MB and I can compress them
> using PKZIP,Winzip or rar but can linux unzip from spanned floppy disks? Any
> suggestions?

I wouldn't think the .deb files would really compress... After all, they're
mostly compressed already (a deb file consists of three parts, two of which
are compressed; the other is four bytes long).

The unzip package doesn't do disk spanning.

OTOH, if you can find a way of splitting the .deb into pieces, you can then
easily put it back together again with "cat part1 part2 > xyzzy.deb". (That
is, the first part contains bytes 1-1000000, second 1000001-2000000 etc.)

Simpler still, get a null modem cable and a couple of terminal programs, start
up both sides of a zmodem/kermit multifile transfer, and wait for it to
finish. It'll probably take longer overall, but most of that will be hands-off
time (ie, you can do something else in the meantime).

Jiri <jiri@baum.com.au>

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