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Re: unmapping alt-Q on netscape 3

damon wrote,
> "Richard E. Hawkins Esq." wrote:

> > About twice a week, I hitt alt-Q rather than alt-W in netscape,
> > bringing down the whole netscape.  This is version 3 (4 is missing a
> > couple of things that I use).  Is there any way to disable that key
> > sequence?

> check out /usr/lib/netscape/45/communicator/Netscape.ad

> or just 'locate Netscape.ad'

> This file contains the default resources (including keys for menu items,
> etc.) fo Netscape.  If you copy the right entries to your .Xdefaults
> file, you should be able to change the key binding to whatever you want.

This doesn't seem to exist for netscape 3 . . .

hmm, but could I use that to map Alt-<number> to "go back <number> 
pages"?  I use that all the time.  Similarly, could i change the 
autoloading of images on/off that way for a given window?  (I assume 
the former is straightforard, but isn't the autoload a session-wide 
rather than window-by-window option in 4+??)



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