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Kernel compile problem

I got a sound card (my wife insisted on having a sound card), and am now
trying to recompile the kernel to include support for it.

I've got the configuration set up, and everything appears to be correct.

I run make-kpkg, and it runs until I get this:

	gcc:  Internal compiler error: Program cc1 got fatal signal 11.

This apparently occurs at random points during the run of the compile;
this particular one occurred while compiling init.o.  Previous errors
have occurred at floppy.o, keyboard.o, pty.o.  I get the same error
trying to compile the kernel manually (make clean, make config, make
dep, make zImage).

Sometimes I get a message saying that cpp has experienced a broken
output pipe.  Sometimes I don't.

What am I missing?  I tried turning off the CPU cache, and it didn't
change this behavior.

I can run this inside of X and outside of X, and I get the same problem.

The headers and the source are both present.

If it matters, I'm running a Cyrix 6x86L P200+.  Disk space available is
75MB or so; memory is 80MB.


Roger Franz

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