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Re: Linux Tips & Tricks

the 25-Nov-98, Keith Beattie wrote:
> This looks like a good idea, though I curious to see how you will
> organize it when your database of tips gets very large (for example

in fact i didn't thought about that right now...
for now i have all my tips in WML format in one dir, and a prog of mine is
creating all the Web hierarchy (all files under /all and symlinks from other
For now that's ok. We will see with time... But i'm surely open to all
suggestions !

> over 10K tips).  A search engine will undoubtably be needed...

i'm gonna add one very soon (in the next few days)

> I don't think people will think it inappropriate for you to publish
> their suggestions organized in this way (this is not dissimilar to
> FAQs or the FAQ-O-Matic) but I do think it is inappropriate for you to
> not credit the individuals who wrote the tip as well as copyrighting
> them in your name.

that's true.
sorry it was my mistake.
i agree with you.

> I think that if you gave credit to the actual authors of the tips and
> removed the "(c) patoche.org" from the LTT pages which are not
> entirely your content I think it would be a very good resource for a
> lot of people.

ok so from the next batch on, it will be like that.
i removed all copyright mentions and I now will add authors' name and email by
I just hope noone will use the site to collect all emails and then spam people.

Only problem : because i haven't kept the old emails, i can't add the old
authors, that is the ones of tips already present.
if anyone recognizes one of his previous email, please warn me i will add their

I really apologize to all people for not giving them proper credit.


Patrick M.   pat@patoche.org    http://www.patoche.org/
Sysadmin of patoche.org, globenet.org, bde.espci.fr

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