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Problem with PPP & ISDN

I've got a little linux box configured as a dial-on-demand masquerading
router for the other machines in my house. It works great..... when using a
normal modem.

I got ISDN, and I've been able to use it without any problems when I use it
directly from my Windows98 machine.

However, when I try using the ISDN through the Linux box, it fails.

The ISDN TA (modem) is a 3COM ImpactIQ external.

I can dial my ISP through the ISDN modem using Minicom. I get the
"CONNECT..." result string, but I get disconnected as soon as I hit any
other character. I figured that, perhaps, the dial-up server was killing the
connection as soon as it concluded that I wasn't speaking PPP. So, I tried
connecting with the PPP daemon (using 'pon' and also using 'diald') and
those fail, too. The LCP negotiation fails immediately, claiming that it got
a response like "E=36". My strong suspicion is that this is part of some
longer response, probably from the modem itself. I think that the first
character or so from the PPP daemon is causing the server to drop the
connection.... at which time the modem begins interpreting the rest of the
PPP stuff as 'AT' commands. I figure the "E=36" is probably part of
something longer from the modem...like "FAILURE CODE=36" or something.

The remote server is an NT box using one of those RASCAL cards.

Any ideas?

- Joe

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