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Re: Boot Param: floppy=thinkpad

nathan nattered,

> You need to give the kernel name first, then the parameters. On the
> boot floppies I think it's just "linux". So, at the boot prompt, you'd
> type:

> linux floppy=thinkpad

> I've installed Debian successfully on two different 755C's and you do
> indeed need the floppy=thinkpad parameter. 

I have it on another, and, yes, that is necessary.  It is also needed 
in the liloconfig file, something like

append "floppy=thinkpad"

but since it's at home, i'm not sure and can't check.

> I think there's a problem with battery charging though. Haven't paid
> much attention to it since ours are plugged in all the time, but it
> may be an issue for you.

I had a charging problem, but it turned out that it was because not all 
4 of the contacts to the batter were making good contact.  If it 
doesn't charge, remove the battery, make sure the contacts aren't bent 
in on the computer, and that all are clean, and plug it in.

It took me a couple of weeks to trace the problem down to this, until 
the OS2 utilities told me "first install a battery" when i asked it to 
start charging . . .


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