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Re: Sound Card

On Mon, Nov 23, 1998 at 10:49:37AM +1100, Andrew & Julie Daws wrote:
> Another (probably) dumb question, about the sound module for my SoundBlaster
> card...  During the config (menuconfig) one is asked for the IRQ and DMA
> settings, but it seems to expect one DMA of 1 or 3, and another of either
> 5,6, or 7.  This worked fine on my other PC (Jazz16 with IRQ7, DMA 3,5) but
> my soundblaster is DMA 1 and 3... the sound module compile and installs
> (even loads with insmod OK), but when called (xquake starts) it has an error
> during the DMA initialisation...
> Am I missing something obvious here?

Is DMA 3 even valid for the second DMA channel? The second channel is
meant to be for 16-bit DMA; I thought that had to be 5, 6, or 7.

Can you change it? You probably have 5, 6 and 7 all free;
they're not used much on PCs, unlike IRQs (I have 3 PCI cards
sharing an IRQ, the situation is so bad).

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