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Re: Can I start X while other stuff going on?


> }-> > or can I bring up the process in an Xterm or something similar?
> }-> No. Except, hmm, I don't know how you would do that. You might be
> }-> able to take the /dev/ttyXX from the vt and put it in an xterm.
> - this procedure can be done with "screen" i think, with it it_s possible if
> i remember the description of a friend correctly ??
> - i_ve just tried it for five minutes ;-)

I think someone already replied with ttysnoop - judging by its description
it'd be just the thing. (I've no use for it now, as I'm not enamoured of WIMP
interfaces.) You could probably even make a script that'd run up a ttysnoop in
xterm for every VT that isn't running getty...

Then when you type `startx' you'd immediately have all your VTs in front of
you. Hmm, maybe that should be standard?

Jiri <jiri@baum.com.au>

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