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Beginner - Ethernet configuration was: Re: HELP

"Alan Mayott Jr" <mayottjr@hotmail.com> writes:

>     Hello My name is Alan and I need HELP... I am trying to set up a 
> simple network between Win95 and Linux... The problem seems to be with 
> Linux as I've done this in win95... I've checked with the manufacturer
> about my ethernet card and from what I can tell it takes the tulip.0 
> driver in Linux, Well during install I could not get it recognized in 
> linux so I went ahead and done the install without it... My question is 
> can someone help explain some of this linux stuff to me...

A lot of this sort of stuff is in the Ethernet HOWTO,
/usr/doc/Ethernet-HOWTO.gz on your system or

Have a look at this and see if you can get started.

A Debian-specific note: You can set up the modules semi-automatically, 
like you got a chance to do a boot time, with the program "modconf".

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