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my modem keeps 'hanging itself up'!?


My modem is behaving oddly suddenly - it keeps getting reset or 
something after about 10mins or so, making big-ish downloads a pain.

It's happened under NT as well as Linux, especially in the evenings 

Under Linux I get (in ppp.log and in the console) (something like...) 
'Echo requests failed 4 times'
'serial connection appears to have been terminated'

Also, last night, it seemed to happen after ~6 mins, then ~3 mins, then 
1min until whenever I dialled up I got 'NO LINE', as if the errors came 
faster and faster.

It seems to happen when ftp-ing (but that could be a coincidence) and 
before the modem get's reset, the tone on the phone is just a long 
continuos montonous beep (like you get when you're cut off...).

So, whats the prob.? Hardware? (it's worked fine for years  - a standard 
14.4 internal) Software? (happens more under Linux it seems, esp. after 
upgrading from bo to hamm [but could be coincidence?]), ISP provider? 
Telephone line?

How can I find out what's causing the problem?

Please help,


There was a dialling tone tho'...

But when it hangs 

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