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fstab values (was Re: Permissions for vfat mounted drive)


On a related matter, can anyone tell me what the numbers actually mean at the
end of each line in the fstab descritpions

I know that they are labelled <dump> and <pass> but what does that actually

What values should I be using ??  I have just coppied off others examples


Rainer Clasen wrote:

> Hi!
> John Stevenson (John@oa.nl):
> > Any ideas how I can get no root access to my win98
> > partion, or is it a Fat32 problem.
> I use this in my fstab:
> /dev/sda1 /dos/c vfat umask=0002,gid=110,uid=0,showexec 0 2
> gid 110 is called dosfs, but you may use dos's gid.

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