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Re: Using CFDISK - Help Required Urgently

Boot your Linux and go to cfdisk.
Highlight the /dev/hda5 and at the bottom of the screen there is the selection tabs.
Select type and press Enter, then you will see a lot of file systems supported by
Linux, select Linux Swap numbered 82 and then Enter. Switch to write and confirm
with yes, then you have a hard disk with /dev/hda1 as Linux native with 335.18Mb
and a Linux swap with 0.50Mb.
Nothing will be done if you don't confirm the "yes" to write option.
Since your hard disk is not large enough, only 1 primary partition for all the files in
Linux is OK (such as the root directory /, user directory /usr, as well as /home,
/var, /tmp will all go into 1 partition).


Austanners Wet Blue Pty Ltd wrote:

 Thanks to all who offered help with getting files for install.I am installing from floppies and am stuck at partitioning with cfdisk;the screen display:/dev/hda1     boot      primary    linux     335.18(MB)/dev/hda5                 logical      linux        0.50(MB) drives have 16 heads, 63 sectors per track and 682 cylinders How do I create a partition and swap file, ie where to go from here.Thanks in advance, Stephen LavelleAustanners Wet Blue Pty Ltd.Australian Tanned Fashion Leather
110 Heales Road,
Lara, Geelong, Australia

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