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Re: Installation error.... AGAIN... *sheesh*

/dev/sda1 is mount on /target
/dev/ram0 is mount on /
/dev/hda is mounted on /instmnt

That's it.
does this help?

Amanda Shuler		| I don't want to start any
shuleram@acm.msu.edu	| blasphemous rumours, but...

On Thu, 19 Nov 1998, Alan Su wrote:

> Amanda Shuler wrote (Thu, 19 Nov 1998 19:49:46 -0500 (EST) ):
> |>umm.. no.. I'm alreayd installing from floppies.  I can't install from
> |>cd-rom because the stander kernel provided with the debian install does
> |>not work with my system.
> |>Someone else on here had the same problem I had with an Adaptec AIC-7770
> |>and posted an ftp address where there was a bootable kernel that had the
> |>driver for this card already compiled in.  I am using that kernel.
> |>I am beginning to wonder if loopback device is compiled into that kernel.
> |>
> wait a minute...now i remember.  /instmnt *should* be the directory to
> which the installation is being done.  assuming this, i think that
> /dev/sda1 (or whichever device corresponds to the partition on your
> SCSI drive where you want linux to live) should be mounted as
> /instmnt, not /dev/hda1.  the error may be generated as a result of
> attempting to write to the cd-rom.  at least i think this is what's
> happening.
> when you go to the console shell, is /dev/sda1 mounted anywhere?  
> -alan

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