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Re: Sendmail configuration

> > I have to do some tricky sendmail configuration. Can anyone give me a
> > guide as to what to do with all those .m4 files?
> yep, choose the ones you want and stick them in your /etc/mail/sendmail.mc
> file and then run /usr/sbin/sendmailconfig


FEATURE(genericstable)dnl ?

> > The basic problem, is that I need to run one set of rewrites for local
> > mail and one for external mail(i.e. mcv21@localhost when sending
> > locally becomes say foo@pick.sel.cam.ac.uk when sending local mail and
> > matthew@sel.cam.ac.uk when sending external mail)
> this is an odd requirement... why do you want to do this?  i am aware of
> no easy way to do this and am having difficulty imagining a circumstance
> where you would be forced to (or would want to).  can you give us a little
> more info to work with?

Right: my machine is pick.sel.cam.ac.uk University Computing Service (UCS)
rules say that *@pick.sel.cam.ac.uk are not allowed to be valid email
addresses. I therefore tell sendmailconfig that my mail hostname is
cam.ac.uk {This is because when using exim, my mail smarthost would just
bounce things with a cannot route to sender: mcv21@pick.sel.cam.ac.uk even
if I had set the From: line correctly}.

Internal mail, therefore needs the hostname bit changed to
pick.sel.cam.ac.uk, so that people replying to local mail reply to the
sender locally rather than trying to send to username@cam.ac.uk (which is
a valid external mail address in many cases).

External mail, however, needs to substitute peoples @cam.ac.uk email
addresses. For example, user emma needs to have elb30@hermes.cam.ac.uk,
mcv21 needs to become matthew@sel.cam.ac.uk  and so on.

> you might check out genericstable and the userdatabase i believe that they
> might do what you want but you would have to maintain a user database of
> all addresses at either domain which wouldn't be a lot of fun.

I don't have very many users, and so re-running some sort of database
generator would be OK, but I can't figure out sendmail at all :(



Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo

Steward of the Cambridge Tolkien Society
Selwyn College Computer Support

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