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RE: xearth 1.0: fatal - unable to allocate enough colors

You seem to be answering your own question.  Stop running GNOME panel and see
if the problem goes away.  If it does, complain to the authors of GNOME panel.

In X Windows programming, each app asks for a colormap.  If one app asks for a
large colormap, the window manager doles out whatever is left to everyone else.
 Netscape is also a big offender here.

You reclaim colormaps by closing the offending apps.  It is an issue of X
programming that is rather mytical.  Most people simply accept the colormap
given them by X.  Apparently the GNOME panel is not one of them.

> I have the same problems even if the only thing I have running is gnome
> panel. I wish this issue can be investigated thouroughly because the
> colormap problem is not so rife on Windows and it seem sto be a huge thing
> on Linux. The same applies to fonts by the way. Does this has anything to
> do with Linux or is it the video card problem? 
> Secondly how can I reclaim lost colormaps or how can I query programs to
> find how many color maps they are using? By the way in my latest test I
> removed .Xdefaults file to make sure that there are no colors used.

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