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Re: Bay Area debian meeting

On Wed, 11 Nov 1998, Joey Hess wrote:

> Tom Lear wrote:
> > Are you planning a key signing?   I've wanted to have a key signing
> > party/whatever in the bay area for a while now.
> I think a key signing would be a good thing. Everyone who wants to, just
> bring about 10 copies of a paper with your key fingerprint (pgp -kvc) and
> email, and we'll distribute them around.
> So, if Tom's on board, we're up to 3 developers! See the cc list for the
> other people who've already said they're coming. We may need 2 tables. ;-)
Well I'll be there and Robert Stone (talby@debian.org) we be with me, so
that's two more.
							- Tom

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