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Re: Help needed--XFree86 configuration

On Wed, 11 Nov 1998, Timothy Ingle wrote:

<shifted to -user, which is the appropriate forum>

> I cannot seem to get my mouse to respond to XFree86 configuration. I'm using a Microsoft serial mouse, thus I'm trying to use the Microsoft protocol with the "/dev/smouse" name.
> I've loaded Linux onto a Toshiba 2130, and I found an XFree86 configuration on the Web for this machine. This file uses the PS/2 protocol with the "/dev/mouse" name. I discovered that I don't have "/dev/mouse." I'm assuming that the person who built that config file using using the Accupoint mouse that is integral to the laptop. Without the "/dev/mouse," trying this config seems futile.
> I'm happy using either the external Microsoft mouse or the integral Accupoint mouse. The Hardware HOWTO suggests that either mouse should be supported.

For a serial mouse, try /dev/ttyS0

for a ps2 mouse, try /dev/psaux

Or make /dev/mouse a symlink to the appropriate one.



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