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Re: Linux program = dos debug ?

On Sun, 8 Nov 1998 wtopa@ix.netcom.com wrote:

>   I was asked a question today that I am not able to find the answer
> for.  What is the linux equivilent of the dos debug program?  I looked
> tru the package files and all I can find are program debuggers.  Could
> someone point out what I am missing, please.

 Well, as such, there is no such thing. The DOS debug program lets you
read from and write to arbitrary locations in memory. You can do this in
DOS, a real-mode OS, but it's not really sensible in a protected-mode OS
like Linux.

 If you *really* want to do something like this, try reading and writing
to /dev/kcore, which is a 'dummy' file that represents RAM. You can only
do this as root. Frankly, I'd never even consider doing this, but if you
absolutely *have* to poke around in memory, go ahead...


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