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Re: Micro$oft decommoditizing things -- a solution?

On Sat, Nov 07, 1998 at 07:57:50PM +0000, Kevin Grant wrote:
> to read the new style web pages).  But remember that the Debian development
> community is far larger (and faster) than M$.

    The one problem with that is not tat we can't code faster and better,
but the fact that we don't define the standards.  We code to the standards
set forth by the IETF(? I'm prolly wrong on that one) as well as other
standards bodies.  Sure, we can code nifty keen things, but it won't be
standard just because we coded it.  Also, if we stick it into open source,
as we should, M$ *still* has access to it to do as they please.

    That is the one part about this race that sucks.  No matter how fast we
go, the best we can do when it comes to code, is break even.  Because as
soon as we get it, they get it.  That is the whole idea, of course, but
they're not playing by the same rules.

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