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Menu access to /usr/doc


considering myself still a novice to linux i spend lots of time
reading documentation. first i complained about most of it beeing
compressed text but soon i found a solution (zcat | xless).

but the laborous method of tangling through several subdirectories was 
something quite itching, so next i tried to write a menu-sourcefile to 
provide faster access, but soon found it to be a tantalus-task when i 
got an idea of the total volume even with a rather spartan installation.  

so i started thinking about how a programm schould be designed to do
the job. and now i'm rather content knowing there's no text-document
(plain or compressed) in /usr/doc (and all subdirectories) further 
away than two mouseclicks - neatly ordered to their appropriate 
section (devel, libs, admin, utils etc.) and sorted.

what to do now?

there are two alternatives:

1. leave it as is and be content with it.

1.1 look out for some other playground. 

2. prepare to distribute it i. e.:

2.1 write some general documentation.    
2.2 review the source and add documentation there.
2.3 add a copyright notice (GPL of course)
2.4 prepare to extend it to support other WM
    (it's for tvwm2, cause that's what i use) 
2.5 find a public accessable place where i get 
    permisson to place it for others to get it.
2.x i'm sure it will take more, but i don't know
    what (jet).

advice deerly needed.


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