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Re: dual boot Linux/NT question

On Fri, Nov 06, 1998 at 06:51:08PM -0500, Damir J. Naden wrote:
> this is very true... I am using same method with the exception of the line
> added to the boot.ini; I just have a line that reads:
> C:\bootsect.lnx="linux"
> where bootsect.lnx is the same file as described by Pat.
> I have to update (I learned it _the hard way_) this file and boot.ini _every_
> time I recompile the kernel.

Better to use BOOTPART (BOOTPA20.ZIP, search the net). It runs under DOS.
It will set up a dummy boot sector in the NT menu; that boot sector
redirects and boots from your Linux partition, which has LILO installed
in the boot sector. So you just run lilo as normal and don't need to update
the one NT has.

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