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Re: [Off Topic] An EXCELLENT Microsoft Confidential document on

On Thu, Nov 05, 1998 at 09:28:45AM -0200, Vera Lucia Mazzocchi wrote:
> Hi,
> 	I was thinking if this document wasn't released purposely, that
> is, "let them know only what we want they know" and "let's see what they
> think about".  Seems to me that M$ might be playing with us, releasing
> such document, or allowing somebody to have access and releasing it.
> 	Doesn't this sound to ease? To have access to a confidential
> document from M$ exactly about OSS? I have some doubts ...
> 	just thinking...
	I don't think I doubt its authenticity or sincerity, but my guess is
the author of the memo is not a major M$ player.  His personnal home page is
linked off the Linux Weekly News site (http://lwn.net).  This "leak" comes
curious close to the time where BG is trying to convince the court in the
anti-trust case against him, that M$ is not the only player, that there
alternatives out there.  He needs Linux to be present and to appear to the
court to be a major threat to 'Doze.

	Could work in their favour.  On the other hand, if it creates
negative publicity and heat in the court, it would be easy to distance
themselves from it as being the mere enthusiastic meanderings of a junior
underling and not official corporate policy nor practice.  Have a look at
his site.  He doesn't come across as a big corporate savvy suit.


Gerald Crimp

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