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Network/X-windows trouble

Hi everyone, 
here's something strange I am chewing on right now:
I am running a Debian 2.0 Hamm system.

When using the Kernel 2.0.34-sources included in the distribution to create 
a custum kernel, I am not able to run X-Windows - the server simply quits
without error message (at least without one I can see).
Also isapnp produces a segmentation fault whenever it is run.

When using sources for the Kernel release 2.1.125 obtained from the net to 
build a kernel isapnp seems to work just fine, X windows runs nicely, but 
whenever I try to load the driver module for my 3Com 509B-network card
I get the message "device or resorce busy". Mind you, this works fine under

Is there anybody out there who has any idea what might couse this?
(I'll gladly supply further information if necessary.)

Thanks in advance.

So long,
Stephan Engelke                                    engelke@math.uni-hamburg.de
                                     *** Coffee not found: Operator halted ***

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