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A question about bridges...

Hi Everyone

I have a problema involving bridges and i would appreciate some help. Here is
the situation:

I work on a university with building spread arround the city. Every building is
linked to the others (this is a generalization) through wireless conections
using Wavelan in a start shaped manner. There is one building wich is an
exception because it is linked with another building and the latter is linked
with the others. Now the real problem. We need th have on pc on each building
working as a bridge. both building share the same network (lets say it's
network zzz.xxx.ccc.0). I'm trying to configure both pc's as follows

eth0 (network card) zzz.xxx.ccc.vvv netmask
route add -net zzz.xxx.ccc.0 dev eth0 
ifconfig promisc eth0

eth1(the wavelan card) -  I've tryed several here and this is where i need help
because i cant find any ip that works. Chris bridge howto mentions that we
should use the same configuation for eth1 as for lo but i was'n able to get it
no routes for this one
ifconfig promisc eth1

brcfg -enable

Everything should work now but it doesn't. Does anyone know how to solve this?


P.S. Don't forget that this is a situation where both pc's are bridges and the
communication between them is made through wavelan (eth1)

Thank you!
        Mario Filipe 
----->  http://neptuno.sc.uevora.pt/~mjnf <-----

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