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Re: SUID and mount/ NDC drivers

> Hello all,
> Forgive me if this is a stupid question BUT I need some ideas.  I am
> trying to make a menu system where users can easily mount floppies,
> cd's, zips, etc.  I'm trying to avoid making the mount command available
> to everyone and I can't SUID the shell script containing the menu.  I
> know someone's done the same thing, I'm just not sure if I'm going about
> it in the right way......

Simple.  Add `user' to the options of the floppy, cdrom, and zip
entries in /etc/fstab and every user will be able to mount / umount
these file systems.  BTW, mount already _is_ suid just to be able to do
this.  Being suid, it still refuses to mount / umount file systems which
don't have the `user' option in /etc/fstab.

> On another topic has anyone ever gotten a NDC NE100TX-E fast ethernet
> adapter to work?


No idea.


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