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Re: absolute beginner again

Have you tried using "pppconfig" (need to be root)?  

Your modem should be found at /dev/SttyX where "X" is (modem com port -
1).  Eg, if your modem is on com 4, then you can reach it at /dev/Stty3.
some people make a symbolic link ("ln -s /dev/SttyX /dev/modem") to make
things easier.

There's also
or any other HOWTO site on the net that can go into detail.

On Tue, 3 Nov 1998, Alain Cadenat wrote:

> Thanks to all for your answers
> I am ok with .gz files now !
> But it appears I started the wrong way ! each time I want to read email or
> access to the web I have to reboot and goes back to windows, then go back to
> linux  try etc..........
> So first thing is to get connected under linux.
> I tried to configure a PPP connection at the install but it does not seems
> to work.
> I dont even know if Linux knows I have a modem.
> So what do I have to do to have a ppp connection, get my mail, and browse
> the web (...hmmmm by the way ftp will not be bad as well)
> Alain Cadenat
> alain.cadenat@agoratec.com
> http://www.agoratec.com
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