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RE: dpkg-perl help

I've had this problem as well.  I had to manually install the file.  It
appears that the name of the file is slightly different than what is listed
in the Packages.gz file.  This will also happen if you  download .deb files
from a Win box and not change the last '_' to a '.' before saving it.

To manually install a package use:
dpkg -i package_name.deb

from the directory where you have all deb files.  Then run dselect again and
it should work.

Cristov Russell

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From: Kalvinder Kang [mailto:b_obyrne2@compuserve.com]
Sent: Monday, November 02, 1998 10:44 PM
To: Debian Users
Subject: dpkg-perl help

I've installed Debian Linux ver 2.0 as an alternative os to Windows on my
PC with a view to making this a permanent arrangement and learning Unix as
part of my studies.  However, on running dselect and trying to install
Standard Packages (or updates, etc.)  I constantly get the following

"Oh dear, I need to install or upgrade dpkg-perl but I don't see the
appropriate file(s) anywhere.  I am expecting version (not given) or later,
as that is listed in the packages file."

It then mentions some material that I don't yet understand, and despite a
reasonably conscientious reading of available material, I seem to be no
further forward.  I have also downloaded programmer_ps which I believe to
be a dpkg manual but cannot view it in windows - do I need a binary viewer,
rename it or something?  Please help if you have time, I'm getting very

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