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Re: Modem connection speed

On Sun, Nov 01, 1998 at 02:01:55AM +0100, Michele Bini wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 29, 1998 at 05:23:31AM -0800, Kenneth Scharf wrote:
> > another Linux say the same thing. And so far, on a hamm box, I can only
> > get 19200 out of my 28800 pc card modem. Is this typical of Linux, or is
> > it just an improper init string or etc?
>  From my (short) experience many people (including me)
> experiencing slower connection speed under Linux were giving
> pppd the wrong connection speed.
> pppd only accepts a limited set of speeds (19200 38400 ... 115200),
> [...]                    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Please disseminate this info.
> If this is not your case try to tune your packet size:
> choose a small one if your phone connection is noisy,
> also consider enabling or disabling compression.

Also please remember to edit your /etc/rc.boot/0setserial
file to have spd_vhi (or spd_hi) in the STD_FLAGS:

	STD_FLAGS="session_lockout spd_vhi"


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