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Re: Catch-22 - Help!

On Wed, 28 Oct 1998, Jerry E. McGoveran wrote:

 : At 06:37 PM 10/28/98 -0600, Andy Kennedy wrote:
 : >On Wed, 28 Oct 1998, Jerry E. McGoveran wrote:
 : >
 : >> I have a Debian installation in which the ethernet card driver is
 : >> apparently not installed.  There were some errors at this stage of
 : >> the installation process, but the screen drew and reset to the inst.
 : >> menu too fast to read anything.  I finished the installation, and
 : >> now I need to update the kernel and the drivers.  I can't compile a
 : >> kernel (downloaded 2.0.35 src) because I don't have gcc.  I can't install
 : >> the gcc package because I don't have network access in Linux - only under
 : >> Win95.A
 : >
 : >Gcc is available at sunsite.unc.edu and most of the mirrors.  Download it
 : >w/ win95 and then use tar to "unpack" it.  
 : Oh.  I had assumed that it had to be installed via the package route.
 : Silly me.

That would be wiser.  Download the gcc deb via Win95 and use dpkg to
install it (dpkg -i)

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