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Diamond Stealth 2000 / 4 megs

Anybody running this card on 1.3 or 2.0 ?
Could you post your config ??

Can get X to run for the hell of it.
Worked under Slack and Redhat....

Unless the Problem lies elsewhere...


> You might be a hacker if............
> .....You've every dated one of your high school janitors or maids just to
> get access to the trash cans after hours.
> .....Your Apple II is now a Linux box.
> .....Your Microwave has an IP address.

> .....You've successfully decrypted your Alphabits cereal
> .....Your old Gameboy is now acting as a packet sniffer and running
>      on your Apple II
> .....You actually enjoy reading your VCR instructions.
> .....You've ported all your NES games to Atari
> .....You read your kids (if you have them) crypto manual at bed time.
> .....Your desktop background is an actual screen capture from the
>      game Q-bert.
> .....You've taught your kids the alphabet in Hex.
> .....You go on vacation with 30+ Computer books in an extra duffle bag, and spend 
       your time reading, drinking expensive wine
and Single Malts while everybody
       else is getting laid big time...and it
takes you 2 weeks to discover,
       that "the beach and babes are really
> .....You live on a 28 foot boat, chicks would love it, but you can't really
       have anybody over, 'cause your bed has
barely enough space for you next to the       
Perl and Linux mans and all the other space is
used up by 5 Computers running
       anywhere from Solaris over NT to Linux, and
that is not counted the Trash80 or
       the TI-99 or the 500 with a whooping 1 meg
of mem-try running the
       IBM 4019 Laserprinter, that you fished out
of a dumpster one night, and see
       the lights dim...

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