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Re: Two idential root partitions - how?

On Wed, 28 Oct 1998, wb2oyc wrote:

> 1st question; is this all one big disk?  For what follows, I'm assuming
> it is.  I like to do something like this....
> 100M /
> 64M  swap
> 100M /var (and I prefer putting this on a 2nd disk if possible)
> whatever's left for /usr  if its all on a single disk.  If there is a
> 2nd disk, I also like putting /etc and /home there, preferring to put
> any additional root or additional Linux root on the 1st.

It is all one big disk.

> I also think you're more likely to lose a disk, than you would blow up
> your root partition.  Thats been my experience.  Another reason for the
> 2nd disk.  Also why getting /var off the root makes good sense to me.

Hmm.  From what you're saying here, and from what other responses have
said, perhaps having separate partitions is not that useful.  Also, there
seems to be lots more issues involved when you start using several
partitions.  I've decided the simplest option is to go back to a single
partition - what I've done before.

Thanks for all your other advice.  Unfortunately this is a laptop, so I
don't think it will ever get another disk - so I won't be able to try out
your other suggestions.  Perhaps on a desk top.


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